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The Ely Center is Speech and Language therapy center with a special concentration and expertise in social cognitive development. Our staff is highly trained in the range of tools and strategies used in treatment with children and young adults with social learning needs, including Social Thinking® and complementary methodologies. We also offer traditional speech-language therapy and occupational therapy.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance each client’s health and wellness through specialized programming that incorporates strategies for language processing, sensory and behavioral regulation, and executive functioning.

We acknowledge that communication skills deficits impact all aspects of an individual’s life, including interpersonal interaction in the home, community, and across the school day.

Our program features dialogue with parents and school staff regarding service delivery, treatment rationales, methods, outcomes and strategies that can be implemented outside our treatment sessions to enhance progress and development for our clients.

At The Ely Center, LLC, we strive to create an environment that is best suited to introduce, establish, and hone the foundation skills of social communication via a functional-interactive training program. Within our social cognition groups, we believe that the individuals we service, regardless of their diagnosis (Asperger’s Syndrome, Nonverbal Learning Disability, PDD-NOS, Language Learning Disability, or no diagnosis), will make substantial gains, when provided with:

  • A small group (3-6 students)
  • A homogeneous environment of peers with similar social learning challenges
  • Clearly stated functional objectives
  • Flexibility
  • Creativity
  • A high degree of home to private practice communication
  • A holistic approach to pragmatic language processing, health,
    and wellness

Each treatment session is carefully planned, keeping in mind that the students we service, typically need skill building and reinforcement in the following areas:

  • Sensory Integration
  • Executive Functioning
  • Social-Communication Skills

Social Thinking is based on the work of Michelle Garcia Winner. More information is available at the Social Thinking website.

The Ely Center is thrilled to announce an affiliation with Mindwing Concepts, Inc. to provide professional development to educators (speech-language pathologists, special education and classroom teachers, ESL/ELL teachers, psychologists and clinicians) regarding their effective and engaging tools for language development, including Story Grammar Marker®, Braidy the StoryBraid®, Talk to Write, Write to Learn™, and ThemeMaker®. We have been employing these key tools for language organization, executive functioning and social-cognitive development in our sessions for years, and are thrilled to be hosting workshops led by their creator, MaryEllen Rooney Moreau, in our new space at the Ely Center. These seminar-style, intimate workshops are scheduled throughout the fall and on an ongoing basis. Click this link or the image below for more details!


The Ely Center is proud to also maintain a partnership with Articulate Technologies for distribution of Speech Buddies, an FDA-approved product for articulation treatment. Click on the picture for more information!