Updated Winter 2017

Clients will be billed according to the following fee schedule (subject to change)


    • $150/hour for consultation services
    • $175/hour for weekday consultation services with Pamela Ely, M.S. CCC-SLP
    • $225/hour weekend surcharge for consultation services
    • $75/hour for drive time (15 minutes or more)
    • $150/hour weekend surcharge for drive time
    • On-site meeting attendance, including presentation of findings, billed at $150/hour ($175/hour for Pamela) and drive time will be billed at $75/ hour
    • Phone and email correspondence over 10 minutes billed at clinician’s hourly rate

1:1 Office Consultation/Treatment (Speech/Language; Occupational Therapy, Counseling)
$150.00 – 175.00 per hour – individual treatment rate varies depending on clinician

Group Therapy
$80.00 per hour

Service Fees
$90.00 – new student intake

$25.00 – per insurance claim form completed or insurance letter generated

$25.00 per hour pro rated fee charged for time spent on phone regarding insurance claims for a student

Progress Reports
$50 semester charge per client (optional, twice yearly at conclusion of fall and winter/spring semesters)
$150 per report for individual clients
$150 per report for summer program clients

Job Coaching 
$120.00 – $150.00 per hour + travel time (prorated)

Phone/E-mail Consultation
At clinician’s hourly rate for communication of ten minutes and longer.

$2,000.00 for a limited SocialCognitive Evaluation with written documentation. This includes observation in classroom or relevant setting, administration and interpretation of the Social Thinking® Dynamic Assessment Protocol, narrative language sample elicitation and analysis, and other qualitative assessment procedures.

$2,500.00 for Speech-Language Evaluation with written documentation. This includes observation in classroom or other setting, administration and interpretation of relevant standardized assessment instruments, and language/speech sample elicitation and analysis.

$3,000 for Comprehensive Evaluation including standardized speech-language testing and socialcognitive assessment.

These fees include a one hour classroom observation. Should additional observation be requested, this is billed at our consultation rate of $150.00/hr. (Drive time to be billed at $75/hour) One half of the payment is due at time the evaluationis scheduled and the final portion is due when the report is completed. On-site consultation rates apply for meeting presentation/attendance.

Group In-Service/Presentation* w/Pamela Ely, M.S. CCC-SLP

*please see our Presentation Menu – fees based on presentation selection

Please call (781) 400-2605 for further information.