Revised December, 2017

Group Fee and Payment:  Groups are billed at $80 per session.  Invoices are sent for the full semester at the beginning of each term.  For the fall and winter semesters there are two semester payment options:  (1) Full payment prior to the first group meeting, and (2) Half payment of the semester fee prior to the first group meeting, followed by payment of the remaining balance at the midpoint of the semester.  For the spring semester and summer programs full payment is due on or before the first day of the spring semester and summer programs.  Please note that all overdue balances are subject to a $25 late fee. For additional billing information, please see billing page.

Attendance:  If your child cannot attend group, please leave a voicemail on the cell phone number of the group leader as early as possible. Additionally, we recommend that you also leave a cancellation message on the office phone line at 781-400-2605. Groups are balanced and planned for with great care and effort. The success of the group is dependent upon all members attending as many sessions as possible. If one group member is not in attendance, it can alter the entire experience of the group. We expect that each client and his/her family make a full semester commitment to the group assignment and respectfully ask that you schedule travel plans and appointments at times other than when the group meets. However, we also understand that there are times when a client cannot be at group. Please let your group leader know well in advance if your child will not be attending group due to an unavoidable situation. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN DUE TO ABSENCES, unless your child is absent due to extensive medical reasons.

Health Policy: If your child has been sick with a fever, stomach bug or any other symptoms they must be free of all symptoms (including lice and pink eye) for at least 24 hours prior to returning to The Ely Center.

Dropoff/Pickup/Safety: The Ely Center asks that a parent or guardian remain with children in our waiting room until the clinician has transitioned students to the treatment area. Please be available to pick up your child five minutes before the session is scheduled to end to allow for adequate transition time between sessions. We consider safety to be of the utmost importance, and staff will ensure your child is supervised until parent pickup. However, late pickups will create disruption in subsequent clinical sessions, and we ask that you make every effort to pick up your child on time. It is expected that in the event of unforeseen circumstances, parents will call the Ely Center and/or clinician’s cell phone to alert us to potential lateness. Parents of clients under the age of 18 will be asked to agree to this policy annually, and will be given the opportunity to opt-in in writing to allow their child over the age of 12 to wait in the waiting room and leave the center independently, to be picked up in front or in the parking lot. Parents should notify clinicians in writing if other adults will be picking up their child throughout the semester.

Individual Therapy Fee and Payment:  The fee for individual therapy sessions ranges from $150-$175/hr. Invoices are sent on a monthly basis. Half the balance is due at the beginning of that month; the remaining balance is due at the end of that month. All overdue balances are subject to a $25 late fee. For additional billing information, please see billing page.

Cancellation Notice (for Individual Sessions): Kindly notify your clinician if you cannot attend a session at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled therapy session. If less than 24 hours notice is given, you will be charged the full amount of a regular session. Cancellations of individual sessions will be subject to a $25 administrative fee.

Inclement Weather: In the event of poor driving conditions or anticipated snow or ice, The Ely Center may cancel afternoon and evening sessions. Please monitor your email as this is the most effective way for us to communicate cancellations.  If you determine that travel from your location to The Ely Center is too dangerous due to weather, please contact your group leader on his/her cell phone at least 90 minutes prior to the group meeting to avoid a charge for that day’s session.

The Ely Center will also be closed if Needham Public Schools are closed or if Needham Public Schools cancel after school activities​. Visit their website – http://www.needham.k12.ma.us/.

Parking:  Parking is readily available in the parking lot in front of our building.

Conduct:  It is often difficult for clients to transition into and out of group and individualized therapies.  Transition is an underlying goal for each individual who is seen at The Ely Center.  Please note and review the following expectations for appropriate behavior:

  • Use inside voices when entering the building.  We are not the only tenants at 400 Hunnewell Avenue.
  • No running, climbing, or using gym equipment without permission to do so.
  • No bathroom talk.
  • We understand that conduct is often one of the reasons our clientele seeks our services. These are general guidelines to discuss. We fully expect to have to do some training on these issues within the context of our therapy sessions as well.

Speech/Language Consultation Service Rates

On-Site Consultation/Treatment

$175.00 per hour w/Pamela Ely, M.S. CCC-SLP

$75.00 per hour travel time (prorated)

*Other clinicians are billed at their standard hourly rate of $150.00/hour

1:1 Office Consultation/Treatment (Speech/Language; Occupational Therapy, Counseling, Tutoring)

$175.00 per hour w/Pamela Ely, M.S. CCC-SLP

*Other clinicians are billed at their standard hourly rate of $150.00/hour

Phone/E-mail Consultation/Report Writing/Documentation Review

Billed at clinician’s hourly rate for communication/activity of 10 minutes or longer

Semester (or more frequent) formal progress reports are provided upon request at rate of $50.00/report for clients in social groups, $150/report for individual clients and $150/report for summer attendees.


Please see Billing page for details on evaluations.

Group In-Service/Presentation with Pamela Ely M.S., CCC-SLP

Please see our PresentationMenu– fees based on presentation selection.