Programs & Classes

Groups meet weekly, Monday through Thursday, with some programs on weekends, for one-hour sessions. Traditional (individual) speech-language or occupational therapy sessions are scheduled based on clinician and family availability. We loosely follow the public school calendar for fall, winter, and spring semesters, which last 8 to 12 weeks.

The Ely Center offers a variety of programs to suit each client’s needs. Our programs are as follows:

Social-Cognitive Groups

  • Understanding situations and impact of behaviors on others and self.
  • Use and read facial expressions
  • Purposeful eye gaze for “thinking about others” in communication situations.
  • Monitor body language (self/others)
  • Use of social narrative for connecting with others and expressing oneself clearly and succinctly.
  • On-topic conversation:
    • Initiate
    • Maintain
    • Topic switching
    • Pleasantries of conversation
  • Take conversational turns
  • Speak clearly
    • Rate
    • Tone
    • Volume
    • Articulation
  • Self-advocacy
  • Identify/appreciate/accept the perspective of another (Theory of Mind)
  • Executive functioning for social/academic success
  • Understanding sensory needs

Students are placed in homogeneous groupings of 3-6 group members, by age, grade, social presentation, and/or interests. Sessions focus on establishing awareness of and practice of communication strategies.


Individual Treatment Sessions

Ideal for students who:

    1. are not yet ready for a group experience
    2. require more individualized attention to develop self advocacy strategies for processing language for improved pragmatic language as well as oral and written expression*

* this is typically in addition to a group setting

Speech-Language and Occupational Therapy Sessions and Evaluations

In addition to our programming centering around social cognition, our staff trained in speech-language pathology and occupational therapy is available to conduct evaluations and therapy based on client’s individual needs and treatment objectives. Please see our Billing page for our various evaluation choices.

Other Structured Social Activities

    • Weekend outings for high school and young adult clients to interact in a structured setting – dates to be determined.
    • Cooking class – dates TBD
    • Creative Enrichment Art Class – dates TBD

Consultative Services

The Ely Center offers consultation services as a means of working collaboratively with school personnel to enhance their knowledge and understanding of autism spectrum disorders. We train academic staff in the use of various diagnostic protocols and treatment techniques for identifying and facilitating pragmatic language processing and social-communication issues for all students. Click here¬†for a menu of Pamela’s presentations.