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The Ely Center, LLC Speech and Language therapy

The Ely Center, LLC is a full-service neurodiverse affirming speech therapy, mental health counseling, and occupational therapy center specializing in social cognitive development. Our client and family centered model may be accessed through participation in like-minded peer groups, individual coaching sessions or caregiver training. We strive to create an enriching environment that fosters social communication success and well being through our functional interactive training and support programs.

Why Choose The Ely Center

Full-Service in One Location

We offer a wide range of programs all under one roof so families can conveniently access a suite of services. Whether you are seeking speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, mental health counseling, consultation, or a combination of these, our team of professionals will create a seamless personalized program for each individual served. Our approach promotes effective treatment plans and communication between therapists, maximizing our clients’ outcomes.

Expertise in Social Cognitive Development

Our center is staffed with highly trained certified professionals who will ensure that each participant receives the specialized attention needed for optimal progress.

Information Sharing and Support

We collaborate intentionally with families/caregivers, outside providers, school staff and community resources, to share strategies that can be implemented outside of our treatment sessions to enhance generalization of our clients’ social development skills.

Clearly Stated Functional Goals

Our treatment plans are tailored to each individual’s needs, with clearly defined and achievable objectives. This approach ensures that progress is measurable and leads to meaningful results.

Flexibility and Creativity

We understand that each individual is unique and their journey to social and emotional communication success may vary. Some clients may benefit most from small group settings and a homogenous environment of peers. Alternatively, some clients may require individualized attention and choose 1:1 sessions. Our programs are adaptable to the specific needs and interests of the individual aiming to maintain engagement, motivation, and functional outcomes.

High-Interest Activities

Learning is most effective when it is enjoyable! We incorporate high-interest functional activities into our sessions to promote engagement and fun, thus encouraging active participation and reinforcing skill development & generalization.

Holistic Approach

We adopt a comprehensive functional approach to improving pragmatic language processing, health, and wellness. An individual’s well being is interconnected with the many aspects of their growth and development. Addressing these aspects meaningfully contributes to the individual’s overall success, contentment, and self esteem.

We are dedicated to providing the exceptional care for all individuals served at Ely. Each experience is carefully planned with an emphasis on self awareness, skill building, and the functional use and application of tools and techniques in the following areas: Language Processing, Sensory Integration, Executive Function, Social-Emotional Development and Social Communication.

We believe that with our thoughtful and targeted approach, every individual can achieve substantial progress toward being their best self!

the ely center office
the ely center office