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Get started by completing our quick application process. The Ely Center, LLC application & intake process is the essential first step in getting to know each client so that we can assign them to a well matched clinician for 1:1 work or assign them to the most like-minded peer group. Intakes consist of a 30 minute in-person meeting here at our center led by our founder/director, Pamela Ely, and address all questions you may have while ensuring we make the best match for each prospective client.

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We strive to create a seamless and comprehensive approach to support our clients’ needs. As a full-service therapy center, we offer unparalleled a seamless and collaborative approach for clients who require multiple intersecting services. Whether you need speech and language therapy, mental health counseling, occupational therapy, consultation, or a combination of these, our team ensures that all areas are addressed cohesively.

This integrated approach allows us to identify strengths as well as understand the intersection of the challenges that our clients may face while we establish individualized treatment plans to meet each individuals’ unique requirements.

By having all services under one roof, families can…

Benefit from a coordinated and holistic approach.
Conveniently access all therapy needed in one familiar space.
Work to achieve their goals in an accessible and compassionate environment.
Our commitment to providing personalized care in a supportive environment is at the heart of our neurodiverse affirming full-service center.
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Michelle Garcia Winner, M.S. CCC-SLP, a speech-language pathologist who is highly respected, and with whom Ely staff have trained, is the “guru” of pragmatic language and social cognition or as she has trademarked, Social Thinking®.


cognitive connections

Our colleague, Sarah Ward, M.S. CCC-SLP, is a highly trained speech-language pathologist, whose expertise focuses on supporting Executive Function skills, including the following areas of self-regulation: attention to task completion, emotional development, planning, organizing, working memory, & overall ability to be ready to learn. Ely staff have also participated in training with Sara and consider her a valued colleague.

Our dear friend, Maryellen Rooney Moreau, M.S. CCC-SLP, who is the driving force behind the Story Grammar Marker®, a tool for developing language organization, has trained the Ely Center Staff in Story Grammar Development and serves as an ongoing consultant to our program.
The Zones of Regulation program is a curriculum that supports emotional regulation (i.e. Size of the Reaction) via a cognitive behavioral approach, developed by Leah M. Kypers, MA Ed. OTR/L.

The Incredible 5 Point Scale, developed by Kari Dunn Buron is a tool used for identifying social topics by levels of comfort, relating feelings and actions to a number on the scale, and building awareness of expected behaviors and reactions. 1 – 3 on the scale is comfortable or manageable and 4 is creeping up to very problematic whereas a 5 is a disaster situationSize of the Problem.


Ross Greene’s model of collaborative and proactive solutions is used to support students’ ability to assess their behavior as it relates to situational awareness. The basic premise of this technique is, “Kids do well if they can.” Observe and note a child’s behavior by saying, “I noticed_________,” and then to ask, “What’s up with that?” If the individual can state his/her thoughts on the behavior a discussion begins to map out the behavior, how it made others feel, and how the individual feels. If the individual cannot state a thought or feeling provide a choice of 2 possibilities. These discussions become points of reference for future collaboration and proactive solutions (more positive decision-making).