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We offer “push in” services for Speech-Language Therapy and Mental Health Consultation in the child’s academic setting to support their progress in the most functional way possible.

How it works
We offer private pay services in our Needham clinic and/or embedded services within the school day to maximize the learner’s ability to access these services. We build a partnership with the school and provide detailed communication including content, strategies, and tools to support the kid’s unique needs
School Based Consultative Services
Our school-based are centered around the following

Private pay speech & language and mental health services in our Needham clinic and/or embedded within the school day either as a push into the learner’s academic or social environment or as an individual meeting if there is access to a private space in which to do so.
Support to school-aged students who require related services support (speech/language/social development or emotional regulation/mental health) that is not currently offered in their specialized academic setting.

Embedded services, within the school day to maximize the learner’s ability to access these services and acquire the necessary targeted skills for academic and social success.

Direct and functional support within the learning environment.

Consultation to the learner’s educational team in real time.

Detailed communication including content, strategies and tools to support the learner’s unique constellation of needs

School Based Consultative Services
Social Cognitive/Speech & Language Consultation and
Mental Health Counseling may include:

Direct service

Report Writing

Parent consultation and/or coaching

Large and small group presentations

Consultation to family, educators, or outside supports (on-site, phone, email)


Curriculum Development

Academic planning, Meeting Attendance

School-based/Community- based observation (in-person or online formats)

Support Includes:

Social Emotional awareness

Expressive & receptive language processing including language organization

Pragmatic language development/Social cognitive instruction

Functional Behavior – Social Cognitive functionality in all settings

Cognitive Behavioral tools and techniques to support anxiety

Development of resources, including suggestions for technology-based tools, for engagement in-home and classroom environments and improved academic and social success.

Guidance regarding academic planning.

Executive functioning skill development

Self Talk/Self Regulations/Skills of Daily Living












Attention to task completion


Time Management

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