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Summer Programming

Our summer programs include the Early Learners Program, Executive Functioning Program, High School Summer Social, Weekly 7-week Social Groups Program, and Individual Sessions. More information regarding our Summer ‘24 programming will be released in January 2024 as we begin enrollment each winter.

Summer Programming Overview

Summer Programming Overview

High School Social Experience (M-Th 10:30-3:30; entering 8th through high school transition) This functional outing-based program offers guided social interaction practice through fun natural context experiences. Seeking individuals who are eager to engage with peers and want to fine-tune and practice social interactions and executive functions while doing things with like-minded peers.

Participants will plan and execute outings, experience downtime hangouts, engage with like-minded peers, and build friendships in a therapeutic coaching environment where being our best selves is the ultimate goal. The program is designed to teach, build, and reinforce executive function & social cognitive skills, and to address language organization and self-esteem utilizing a can-do approach.

Social Learning Target Skills

Build Situational Awareness and understand the impact of behaviors on others and self.

Use and read facial expressions
Use purposeful eye gaze for “thinking about others”
Understanding sensory needs

Language Organization- Develop purposeful use of social narrative for connecting with others and expressing oneself clearly and succinctly

Practice conversation elements: Initiate, Maintain Topic, Topic Switching, Turn Taking,
Pleasantries of
Conversation, Monitor Talk Time, Close Conversation
Attention to the features of Speech: Rate, Tone, Volume, Articulation
Self Advocacy & Self Talk

Identify/appreciate/accept the perspective of another (Theory of Mind)

Problem Solving – Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (Size of the Problem)
Emotional Regulation – Zones of Regulation (Size of the Reaction)
Executive functioning for social/academic success (Initiation, Attention, Planning, Organization,
Task Completion, Working Memory, Mindfulness)
Early Learners Program

Early Learners Program

(M-Th 10 am-2 pm; entering K through grade 3)

This functional play-based literacy program is geared toward learners having difficulty with social interactions.

Social Learning sessions focus on:

Building friendships
Social exploring
Emotional regulation

Learning objectives are achieved through hands-on play and thematic-based learning. Each week will include themed days (i.e. outer space, camping, under the sea). 4-hour sessions will comprise forming a group plan, activity/craft, group play, sensory time, and developing situational awareness for interactive play with peers.

Executive Functioning Bootcamp

Executive Functioning Bootcamp

(M-Th 9:30-4; entering grade 5 through grade 8)

This functional social experience program is geared toward learners who need more support in Executive Functions (planning, initiating, following through to completion, self-awareness, self-talk & organization) and for whom social interactions can be tricky.

The mid-August program is designed also to consider and celebrate the process of going back to school. Through natural context learning, students prepare to be their best academic and social selves on the 1st day of school and every day! Activities are functional social experiences with an emphasis on mindfulness, self-esteem, and FUN! Participants build and take home a visual tool kit/binder to carry over the skills taught and support their learning.

Executive Functioning Bootcamp

*In addition to our unique summer programming, we also offer our typical year-round experiences listed below:
Social Groups: 7-week program running July-August
○ preK and elementary student groups
○ middle and high school student groups
Individual Sessions: Speech, OT, and Mental Health