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“Raising young children during the Covid pandemic presented unique challenges to my generation of parents, and for our boys, the struggle with social development in their younger years was both evident and beyond my wife’s or my capacity to address. In the three years that we have had our two sons, now aged 5 and 7, attending group social skills sessions at the Ely Center, we have consistently noted steady improvements in their self-awareness, their emotional regulation, and their ability to interpret and respond to verbal and nonverbal cues from others. The breadth of available programming is another benefit of the center: one of our sons has done a year of occupational therapy, during which his handwriting, external coordination, and kinesthetic awareness have improved remarkably. The other has been engaged in mental health counseling for the same period, during which some of his very painful struggles have either eased or lapsed entirely. The staff at the Ely Center are well trained, selected based on both academic knowledge and practical experience and are uniformly exceptional at what they do. For parents who are looking for help managing their children’s mental, physical, or emotional needs, I cannot recommend Ely highly enough.”