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“We came to the Ely center to help our 4-year-old son with his challenges communicating in a social setting, attending to instructions, staying in a group, and regulating his emotions. Our son was involved in both individual sessions, social skills groups, and the intensive summer program over a 6-month period. The Ely center staff were able to teach our son ways to stay in a group, follow a plan, take turns, be more aware of his body, communicate his needs more clearly, and calm down so he could attend to others and act less impulsively. They provided help in a considerate, gentle, and fun manner and our son loved attending the center and made a real friend in the group. The staff was diligent in providing clear communication about what happened in sessions and how we could use their strategies at home. Throughout his time at the center, our son showed genuine improvements in his ability to navigate and communicate in social situations as well as strategies to regulate himself in social situations. We are very thankful to the Ely Centre and highly recommend the service.”